The best laid plans…

Even the most well-thought, well-researched, well-inspired plans sometimes fail to be fruitful when you think they will. That is exactly what has occurred in our case.

In a very active moment in time recently (about 2-3 weeks ago) I found a coop and hens for a very good price from a couple different people who were (seemingly) very nice. But the coop was sold to somebody else and the hens fell through at the last minute. So, of course, we have to start back at square 6. Which is no feather off our wings.

But, that being said, this is a year later and we have exceeded our timeline by 6 months. So, we regroup and recoup. We plan more and strategize. And we always keep the faith that this WILL happen.

Because even the best laid plans fail and, sometimes, the best laid eggs aren’t big enough. That’s life and that’s how we know what we really want an what really matters. And chickens matter to us.

-The Baker


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