Remember us?

We are still here. Still planning. Still waiting. But we have a line on a coop. A good starter coop. It was listed as a “chicken house” which IMMEDIATELY made me think “I NEEEEEEEEEED THIIIISSS!” So I’m buying it.

The line on some chickens is less visible. Also, we have no idea when to get them in regards to lives shifting in our professions, family traditions, and everything else life will throw at you. Chickens will happen. Promise!

In the meantime, we are planning our annual trip to the Common Ground Fair in Unity, ME. We are getting closer to the dream. It’s just making sure out dream makes sense.

Also, this winter in Maine is projected to be (at least) 133% worse than the unusually cold, wet winter of last year (for the trends of the past decade). Anyhow, how we deal with the winter and our flock will be an interesting tail (see what I did there?) to say the least.

Pictures of the chicken house will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. Be ready for this – more ready, I should say.

Yours in procrastination,
The Baker


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