Holy Cluck! We are actually doing this!

We finally started the official “Get The Chickens” process! We decided a while ago that we want to have a recycled (and upcycled) coop. Our coop will feature pallets repurposed into walls, floors, and just about every other part. We even found an adorable mini-pallet that will be perfect for a ramp.

The building process will likely be more involved than we expect it to be, but we’re looking forward to the challenge. We have scoured the interwebs for pallet coop plans and we have found a couple that look promising (although we often riff things as we go). We’re tossing around ideas about ventilation, windows, supplemental solar-powered lighting, where the nesting boxes should be, in-coop storage space for supplies, and anything else we can think of maybe needing at least once.

It’s a long, confusing process. We have literally no idea what we are doing and, although we have friends and acquaintances who are offering advice, we have our own ideas that might not match what others are advising. But, stubborn as we are, we forge ahead with our somewhat ill-conceived plans and take advice we have been given as true learning often comes from mistakes and failure.

Our timeline changes daily, our blog writing lacks regularity, and our reading of facts and information could be bulked up. But we are excited. The whole thing is a new adventure and we love every minute of it.

We’ve got this. Maybe.

-The Baker (with some input from The Crafter)


One response to “Holy Cluck! We are actually doing this!

  1. Well it seems you have thought of everything. Except a hot tub. That way you can have hard boiled eggs one day….

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