Thanksgiving isn’t for Chickens!

As the holiday season is kicked off, we spend time saying what we are thankful for. This year, I’m thankful that The Pilot is home for the holidays, the time I spend working with people I like and doing what I love, and I’m thankful for my friends and family.

As things have gone for the entirety of my relationship with The Pilot, The Flock makes its trip to spend Thanksgiving with The CLS’s family. If it hasn’t been mentioned before, The CLS grew up on a farm (albeit a dairy farm but they also had other animals). We spent some time answering questions about where we are going to put the coop, how we will keep them safe from predatory birds, and how many chickens we plan to have.

Maybe we should tell people to read our blog for the answers. So, here goes:
1. We will have 12-18 chickens.
2. We will have our coop under the apple trees in our yard.
3. We are going to have an entirely enclosed coop and run.
4. We are going to have homemade, natural feed.
5. We are going to get dual breeds so we can have eggs and meat (as per The Pilot’s request).
6. We are going to get pullets and replace them with chicks later in time as we take a chicken for meat.

That good enough? You’re welcome.

I’ll be thankful for no more chicken questions. Read our flocking blog.

-The Baker


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