Oh , crop!

Have you ever been really excited about something and then decided to share your excitement with others only to have them stare at you and say “that’s nice” because they couldn’t care less? It turns out that other people aren’t as excited as we are when it comes to chickening. What the cluck is that about?!

As we sit in a crowded pool stadium with about 465 other people giving off their body heat and loud voices, we plan. We came up with a list of things we need for our backyard chickendom. Those things are as follows: Chickens, feed ingredients, bins for feed, water and feeder components, rocks, wood (dowels and boards), pallets, sun lamp, chicken wire, egg cartons, egg bin liners, hay, brooder box, incubator, first aid kit, puppy pee pads, garden seeds for our vegetable/herb garden, and a compost drum and components to make it stand and rotate.

That does seem like a lot of things but, when you consider the fact that we plan on building our coop and run ourselves, it’s a good list.

-The Baker


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