Getting DOWN to our roots…

This weekend, The Baker, The Pilot, The CLS , the rest of the family (hitherto referred to as The Flock), and I will be heading up to the Dominion (Canada) for Canadian Thanksgiving. While there, we plan to make our yearly pilgrimage to Kings Landing Historical Settlement (years ago , my family spent summers there in costume, living in the 1800s, as it were, but that’s a story for another time {literally}), located just outside of New Brunswick’s capital, Fredericton. Among all of the other activities and sights Kings Landing offers, they have a working farm, which includes dairy cows, sheep, pigs, work horses, and, you guessed it, chickens!! This will be The Baker’s first trip to both the area and to Kings Landing and we’re both pretty excited to take a closer look at the various chicken coops and their inhabitants while there. Though I imagine that chickening isn’t very much different than it was during the time of the Loyalists, we’re curious to peek at some of the more minute details. We’ll be sure to post some pictures and details from our trip upon our return to the US next week.

-The Crafter


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