Does this mean we have to wear Birkenstocks?

As part of a yearly Maine tradition, MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association) holds the Common Ground Fair in Unity. This year it was scheduled for September 20-22 (so it ends today) and yesterday was a PERFECT day for the fair. It was sunny, a bit windy, cool but warm enough, and everything being showcased – from food to farm animals- just seemed to be fabulous.

As you can see from the “Chicken Candy” post, I spent the day with The Pilot, The Crafter, and the rest of their family. After the hunters’ breakfast , we went to the Common Ground Fair. We got in line at the fair entrance before the fair opened at 9am and waited for just a bit. While standing in line we heard a volunteer talking about ways to get into the fair – one of which was getting in free as a MOFGA member.

Now, because we are curious people (and had nothing else to do), The Crafter and I wanted to know the benefits of being a member. So, since time was ticking by slowly, we went to the membership tent to ask what the perks of joining were. As a MOFGA member, we were told we could get the quarterly magazine, workshops and conferences for a reduced fee, free fair entrance, and live phone support for when we have questions about our animals and gardens whenever we need it. WHY WOULDN’T WE JOIN?!

For the price of what we would have paid for admission for one day for our entire flock, we were able to join AND GET A FREE BOOK! (Bonus!!) When the gates opened and the marauding hordes descended upon the poor gatekeepers, we swarmed with them as new MOFGA members, proudly wielding our pink carbon-copy receipt as evidence of our newfound membership.

We spent the day walking around the fair, seeing friends (again, it’s hard to go places with The Pilot, The Crafter, and The Family and not see their friends and acquaintances), and learning about how we can have a small hobby farm. Naturally, as a want-to-be-farmer, I pointed out everything I saw that I wanted. And that was a lot of stuff.

Let’s get back to MOFGA for just a moment. Organic. These are your typical “salt of the earth” types. Women proudly brandished their body hair, men waved their arms around allowing us to smell their “musk”, and people of all ages walked bare-footed around the grounds. It. Was. Awesome. Thinking organically, there were Birkenstocks ALL OVER THE PLACE. The Crafter, in a moment of clear hilarity, wondered “Does this mean we have to wear Birkenstocks?”.

The answer: Yet to be determined.

As new MOFGA members we are going to exploit the benefits and get as much info as we can before our little cheeping nuggets arrive!

-The Baker


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