Chicken Candy

As somebody who knows just about NOTHING about chickens, I do a lot of research and ask a lot of people who have had chickens for advice. There seems to be a culture of chicken owners – they just want to share stories, talk about breeds and egg yield, and ask what you’re in the market for. This morning I had just that experience.

I was at a hunters’ breakfast with The Crafter, The Pilot , The CLS, and the rest of their family. As we sat there, as many things go in Maine, people came up to catch up, chat, and tell a particularly funny anecdote. As a friend came to the table and chatted, it came up that The Crafter and I are getting chickens. And the advice came out.

We talked egg yield for specific breeds, which chickens are friendly, and which are the “grumpy bastards”. Then we got the skinny on Chicken Candy.

Maine has a new relationship with Japanese beetles – not necessarily a good one, mind you. We were told that getting a beetle trap would behoove us. Apparently chickens LOVE Japanese beetles. If you take the beetle trap and fill it with very cold tap water to stun the beetles they make fantastic chicken treats. The chickens tend to go clucking wild for these little pests. So , if ever you have need to get rid of beetles, make some Chicken Candy.

-The Baker


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