A cunning plan is hatched: The CSP

When I initially mentioned adding chickens to my ever growing menagerie I had only talked to my cohabitant and general cohort (The Pilot). He was nonplussed, to say the very least. I obviously took that as a sign to keep talking about it. For months. Then I mentioned it to my former-foe-turned-good-friend (the aforementioned cohort’s sister: The Crafter) and his adorable, dairy farm-raised mother (The Cold Little Sheep [The CLS]). They were quite easily persuaded to help me with the not-yet-formed plans for my backyard chickendom.

Research began in earnest. Plans were pulled together and my little chatter about chickens turned into full blown squawking.

-The Baker

Having pictured myself a would-be-farmer since I was a little girl, when the Baker talked about adding chickens to the homestead I was immediately intrigued. Though I don’t live far away from The Pilot and The Baker, chickens aren’t allowed on residential property in my town. I thought “Farm fresh eggs – this could be the start of something grand.” The Chicken Sponsorship Program (The CSP) was hatched. Initially, The Baker needed convincing that The CSP was a good thing but, once we started plotting in earnest, it became apparent that this would benefit all of us- the chickens included.

The Baker is the more patient and rational of the two of us; I wanted to buy the chickens that day. She started looking for chicken coop PLANS while I was looking for pre-fabs. (WHOA!) She started talking about getting “spring chickens” so we didn’t have to keep them warm during the long, cold winter. I started asking other chicken-owning friends how they kept their coops warm in the winter. She looked up chick prices at our local tractor supply company and I started saving egg cartons. Either way, The CSP was now coming to fruition.

-The Crafter

Keep an eye on the horizon for more feathered foibles.


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